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School History And Tradition

St. Brigid was born around the year 453 near Kidare in Ireland. She lived by her words: “to honour Christ, for Christ is in the body of every poor man”. Her hand was always out to the poor.
She formed a community of women who made their vows to St. Mel, a nephew of St. Patrick. By the end of her life she had brought about 13,000 women to a new life, living in monasteries and dedicating their lives to Christ.
She was considered to be a joyful, invigorating saint, who radiated goodness, wholeness and the attractiveness of the Christian life.
St. Brigid Catholic School opened on November 14, 1921 with 223 students.
Today, our staff is a group of highly experienced, self-motivated teachers, committed to making the teaching/learning experience in a Catholic environment as meaningful as possible.