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School History And Tradition

The first few years of life at St. Bruno Catholic School were full of excitement and change. The school began as an outgrowth of St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School with six portables in their school yard. We were officially recognized as a separate entity and given the name St. Bruno in March 1974.

     • September 1975 found us needing more space. Students in kindergarten were at St. Mary of the Angels Church basement, grades 1 to 3 were at St. Patrick's (St. George and College), and grades 4 to 8 were at St. Paul's (Queen and Parliament).

     • In March of 1976, the students were moved to the portable school on Melita Avenue where they remained for the next four-and-a-half years still in a state of growth.

     • Finally, in December 1980, the present barrier-free building at 402 Melita Crescent was opened. To this day, the school building remains a well-designed learning facility.

All about our patron saint

St. Bruno website.jpgSt. Bruno was born about 1038 AD in Cologne, Germany. With the help of six companions he began the Carthusian order of monks. This order was a strict, contemplative grouping. After six years, St. Bruno was called to assist Pope Urban II with his reforms. He founded a branch of the order of Calabria and spent the rest of his life in a combination of the quiet, contemplative life and the very active assistance which he rendered to the pope. His feast day is October 6th.