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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal's Message


A very warm welcome to everyone and to families new to St. Catherine Catholic School. At St. Catherine Catholic School, we take great pride in the accomplishments of our students in all of the following areas: academics, arts, athletics and leadership development. Walking into our school, you will see our virtue of the month posters which identify our commitment to developing the well- being of our students and our focus on the importance of educating our students to be concerned, caring and responsible citizens in our community.  Students clearly understand the monthly virtues and work towards Catholic graduate expectations in their daily interactions. Our goal is to engage our students in learning that is based on innovation, critical thinking, and skilled problem solving. We are most fortunate to have a supportive and involved community of parents and volunteers.  Working together, we are confident all our students at St. Catherine Catholic School can achieve to their highest potential. Staff members believe in the importance of collaboration and communication and welcome the opportunity to work with all members involved in the lives of their students. Through the use of agendas, newsletters, school events, this web site and conversation, we are able to work as a team in the growth and success of our students.

Antonella De Roma