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School History And Tradition

St. Catherine Catholic School is a small elementary school located in an established suburban community in north-central Toronto. It was opened in 1967 and provides educational services for children from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8. Demographically, the community consists of a mixture of single-family residences, townhouses and high-rise rental buildings. A majority of our families are from Middle Eastern heritage. In the late 80s, the enrollment was on the decline and at that time the boundaries were changed to include former Precious Blood students. September 1994 saw the total number of students exceeding 200 for the first time in the history of St. Catherine.

Our patron saint is St. Catherine Laboure whose feast day we celebrate on November 25th with a school mass.

St. Catherine is associated with the parish of Precious Blood in Scarborough. The pastor, the school and the home, work closely to administer to the sacramental needs of the students. As well, we work together to prepare and celebrate monthly school masses and an Advent Family Mass. Members of the Rosary Apostolate visit each classroom on a monthly basis and lead the classes in praying the rosary. In May, they plan a celebration for the crowning of Mary involving many of the students.

Students presently enrolled in the school have parents who are former graduates. In 1992, celebrations were held to mark 25 years in the life of St. Catherine School. In September 2007, 40 years of Catholic education was celebrated with an outdoor mass, dance and other activities. A DVD was made by committee members to commemorate the 40 years in the life of St. Catherine. The event was well attended by present and former staff and students, family members, and clergy.