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Admissions and Registration
New students are always welcome to our school community.
The Board makes every effort to accommodate students at the school of their choice. Placement will be offered based on the physical capacity of the school, local demand and program availability. Please be advised that living within a school boundary DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT. When placement is not possible in the school requested, students will be offered a placement at the nearest TCDSB school with space and program availability. Transportation may be provided in accordance with our Transportation Policy and budget availability.
For general information about admissions and registration, including the new online application process, please visit the main board website.
For specific inquiries about our school, please call us any time.



Welcome to St. Cecilia Catholic School. 

We are dedicated  to nurturing our students spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally through a faith-based curriculum in a caring, Catholic environment.


St. Cecilia Catholic School is an English Separate school, which also offers an Early French Immersion Program starting in Senior Kindergarten. Due to capacity restrictions in the school, we regret that registration of new students is limited to only the students that live directly in our school's catchment area, or to the students that already have a sibling attending our school. Our catchment area is bordered by Bloor Street to the south, the CPR tracks to the north, Runnymede Road to the west and the CNR tracks to the east (see roughly outlined area on map at the bottom of this page). In this way, we will ensure that our school is 'right-sized' in relation to its capacity. 


To provide proof that your family resides in our school's catchment area, please submit  three documents with your current home address upon registration. A lease or rental agreement, a driver's licence, a green health card, a property tax assessment, and a utility/heating bill are examles of documents that can be provided. Please contact our school office (416) 393-5218 and we can determine whether you reside in the catchment area.  



1. In order to register your child for school you are required to bring the following original documents to the school:

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian birth certificate) or Landed Immigant papers
  • Catholic Baptismal Certificate of student (or parent)
  • Three documents showing proof of residency in catchment area (see note above) or in Toronto (if registering with sibling in the school)
  • If your child is a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a refugee claimant, you can register the child directly at our school. (If you are claiming refugee status, you will be required to provide the school with the IMM5292 document, issued by Citizenship & Immigration Canada.)  If your child does not have one of these documents you can still register the child for school, but you will be asked to speak to someone at our Admission Office at our Board. Non-Catholic children of non-Catholic parents are not eligible for admittance to the Toronto Catholic District School Board elementary schools.

2. In addition, please complete the attached form and bring it to the school with you. It is a form that registers you a Catholic School parent and puts you on voting list for the TCDSB Trustee. This is your voice at the board level. 

Sample of Direction of Support Assessment Form.pdf



3. Lastly, but most crucial, go to our new TCDSB online registration site to complete the student online admission and registration form. See link below. If you encounter any difficulties please call us at the school for assistance, 416-393-5218.

SOAR - Student Online Admission/Registration Form