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Principal's Message

St. Cecilia has a long and treasured history: The current site was established in 1914 and run by the Loretto sisters. While our school has undergone many exciting physical changes over the years, we have remained strong in our commitment to Catholic beliefs and values and continue to build upon the excellent legacy passed on by the hard working Sisters. Today, our goal remains the same: to instill in our students a knowledge, understanding and love of their faith as it relates to the modern world. Our Catholic faith permeates all aspects of the school--programs as well as our interpersonal relationships.

The education of your children is the shared responsibility of the home, school and parish. We have an excellent relationship with our parish, and Father Joseph provides spiritual leadership and support to the school. Our CSAC is strong, active and supportive of all school initiatives. We work together to provide every opportunity for students to develop to their full potential.
St. Cecilia is a friendly, challenging and exciting school. We have a spirited, forward thinking educational community which serves as a vital member of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. We offer programs in both English and Early French Immersion. The French Immersion program begins in Senior Kindergarten.This opportunity to become immersed in another culture and language enhances the learning experience for all students. The French Immersion program is designed to provide non-francophone children with a high degree of proficiency in the French language. French Immersion broadens and deepens the exposure to a second language. In Immersion programs, French is not only a subject, but a language of instructions and a means of communication. In Immersion programs, much of the regular school curriculum is taught in French:
JK: English
SK/Gr.1-2: All in French
Gr.3-4: French with 1 hour each day for English Language Arts
Gr. 5-8: Half a day in English and half a day in French
Immersion goes beyond learning about French, to learning through French. The students are able to retain their own language and culture, while gaining an appreciation and use of another.


Choosing the English program is another option open to parents. We strive to provide an exceptional education regardless of program choice. The dual tracks foster a passion for learning, creativity and independent thinking.  Developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students is the focus of both the English and French Immersion programs. Our instructional practices are continually adapted to meet the individual needs of students. Students’ literacy skills are developed by enhancing their reading and writing proficiency through an interdisciplinary approach. Balanced Literacy in the primary grades and Literacy in the Middle, from grades four to eight, continue to be our focus for language instruction. We strive to develop students’ mathematical literacy skills through problem solving experiences that involve the application and communication of concepts in mathematics. Special Education services, ELL instruction, library, vocal and instrumental music, further enhance program delivery for all students. 



Our students enjoy a variety of co-curricular activities and programs including athletic teams, drama, music activities, chess club, ECO team and W5H. St. Cecilia has a strong tradition in competitive athletics. We consistently win regional volleyball and basketball tournaments. We send large teams to cross country and track meets. We recognize that athletic participation teaches how to get along with others and develops a wide range of student gifts and talents.


On this strong foundation St. Cecilia prepares its students to embrace the future!