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St. Cecilia Catholic School
Nadja Halilbegovich, Author and Speaker
January 12, 2012

After reading “My Childhood Under Fire”:  A Sarajevo Diary, the students of St. Cecilia met the author of this riveting diary, writing as a twelve year old girl, about her experiences during the Bosnian war. Meeting an author of a book they have read was a first experience for most our students. On January 12, 2012, the students of St. Cecilia Catholic School met and listened to Nadja Halilbegovich, author and speaker, as she brought her experiences to life.  She spoke vividly of her life before the war in Bosnia, her experiences during the war, and later life outside her native land.  She described her many experiences in a new country with a different culture, different language and different relationships.  Her moving lessons included remaining positive in difficult and trying situations and “being agents of change” through actions regardless of age.  Nadja spoke about having her own radio show at the age of fourteen, where her show inspired others to remain hopeful while war raged outside their doors.  She also spoke about how her parents’ actions to remain active during the war motivated her to never lose faith.  Nadja shared her experience in a new culture to reaffirm the need to be patient and show empathy to all.  Her passionate presentation of hope and peace and her encouragement to do our best was heartfelt, emotional and very moving.  Nadja’s talk was definitely a memorable experience.  Further information can be found at  A special thank you to our CSAC for funding this exciting presentation!!!!