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About Us

Mission Statement

To educate students to their full potential by providing a safe, welcoming, Catholic integrated learning environment exemplary of a community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions.

How We Meet The Diverse Needs Of Our Students

Students at St. Charles not only share much in common but also bring their unique characteristics and needs to the school.  Our focus is to meet the needs of our students and to cultivate and celebrate a diverse and safe community built on the foundations of respect and our Catholic faith. It is a sacred place where we ensure that learning takes place as we work to develop each person as a whole.

At St. Charles the diverse needs of students are met by varying program expectations, content, and/or delivery and by providing a wide variety of educational tools.   The offerings, as detailed below, are designed to better meet individual and group needs.  Individualized programming involves early identification and classroom teacher referrals.

Individualized Programs
• In-class program modifications
• Remediation
• English as a second language in the school
• Special education classes such as speech, learning disabled, behaviour

Enriched/Enhanced Programming (also see ACTIVITIES section)
• Extended-day International Language Program (Italian)
• All Day Kindergarten
• In-school programs/presentations (Scientists In School, Dairy Farmers, Street and Bus Safety, Reptilia, Toronto Zoo)
• Hands On Experiences (Live Theatre, field trips)

Educational Assistance Tools

• Use of library
• Use of computer
• Use of technology in-class (SMART board, internet)

As a Catholic school, we work to establish a strong faith community by reflecting monthly on the virtues of hospitality, gratitude, peacemaking, charity, courage, love, forgiveness, justice, compassion and faithfulness.  We also celebrate student achievement each month at the Pride Award assembly, where teachers recognize students who have made significant contributions to their class and the community.

Students are expected to show respect for authority, for self and others, and for property.  Our discipline code encourages self-discipline, where students learn to take responsibility for their actions.   Some of our expectations include:
• Speaking with courtesy and without reference to appearance, colour or family
• Being truthful and honest with others even when we are at fault
• Doing our very best, always and in everything we do
• Showing respect for God’s Church, traditions and truths
• Protecting our environment and all of God’s creation

In recent years, St. Charles School has taken measures to ensure the safety of students. A safe arrival program exists whereby parents can contact the school 24 hours a day.  If the school does not hear from the parent, the home will be contacted.  Students receive safety training and our discipline code promotes self discipline and safety for all.