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Our primary goal at St. Charles is to ensure that our students meet the Catholic Graduate Expectations to grow as inquisitive, independent, self-disciplined and self motivated learners.  Our priorities are to improve student learning and achievement and to build capacity to lead and learn. 

To that end, our learning improvement plan at St. Charles is to develop literacy and numeracy skills in our students and to ensure success for all. To deliver on this commitment, divisional literacy and numeracy achievement goals are established and monitored both annually and by term, to ensure that classroom instruction meets the needs of the students and incorporates best practices.

The academic achievement goal at St. Charles is to increase student and school performance in provincial and board wide testing (EQAO and CAT) in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.  Specific goals include increasing the number of students achieving Level 3 or 4 and increasing the overall school performance above the national percentiles.

In order to effectively achieve these goals at St. Charles, the staff will continue to: 

• Align and integrate grade level expectations and achievement levels across divisions;

• Establish goals and instruction plans, based on existing student performance data;
• Execute differentiated instruction and assessments to meet the individual needs of the class and student;
• Assign homework to reinforce practice and mastery of skills
• Create a respectful, welcoming environment for taking risks and undertaking challenges


Another major focus at St. Charles is to teach students the skills and habits required for long term success at building a love and capacity for learning and leading.  These include:

• Effective time management and organization of work
• Consistent and appropriate effort
• Responsibility for actions and achievement
• Acceptance and adoption of diverse methods and opinions
• Goal setting, planning and scheduling
• Initiative to seek opportunity


Check here for link to the Ministry of Education website.