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Principal's Message
Our task as people of faith begins in our environments: home, church and school.  This is where our children will see the practice of religion for what it really is; a way of life through which God is given what He justly deserves as Our Father.  In return, He takes care of His children so that they can be witnesses to Him for others or the marvelous things He has done for us.

As a Catholic School we recognize the importance of developing in each student an attitude of respect for self, others and property.  We encourage children to develop their individual gifts and talents and, at all times, seek to promote Gospel values. Through a Christ-centered vision and in partnership with our parents, parish and local community we continue to embrace our goal – academic excellence for all.

Developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students is the focus of our academic programs. We are part of a learning community that must provide a safe and secure environment and foster character attributes, such as respect and responsibility while improving student achievement. Part of the role of administration is to offer support to teachers, students, parents, Parrish and school partners working together create activities that enhance children's learning. 

Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for all of us, and together we become better for these experiences. Welcoming and supporting parents to take an active role in their child's learning is a key role of a school administrator.  You are invited to contact your child’s teacher or our office for any assistance you may require.  I encourage parents and students to become fully involved in whatever way you can to support our vision – growth and learning for all.