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School History And Tradition
St. Charles Garnier Catholic School is located in a busy multicultural North York community. The school first opened in 1973 as a collection of portables where farm fields used to be. The school building was completed for the opening of the 1975-1976 school year and the student population grew very rapidly. At one time there were over 730 students!

Our graduates often return and express appreciation and pride in having attended Garnier. There are a number of our present children whose parents are former graduates themselves. One of our former students, Joe Barbieri, has become a priest and is now working in Rome.

Our school is dedicated to St. Charles Garnier, who was one of the renowned group of Canadian Martyrs. A Jesuit priest from Paris, France, Father Garnier arrived in the mid-17th century to a land of forests and small native villages. He worked to spread the Christian faith among the tobacco tribe of the Huron community. They lived in the valleys of the Blue Mountains near present-day Collingwood, Ontario.

During an attack by a fierce Iroquois tribe, Father Garnier was shot and then clubbed with a tomahawk as he tried to help others. He gave his life trying to help others hear and believe the teaching of Jesus. It is an important tradition at our school to honour this Canadian Martyr during a celebration on his feast day, September 26.