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CSPC - Catholic School Parent Council

CSPC Mandate & Role

The mandate of the St. Charles Garnier School Parent Council is to provide meaningful input to the Principal on a number of significant areas that lead to school improvements, such as:

• Student Behaviour
• School Curriculum
• Student needs
• School growth and improvement plans
• Providing input and criteria for the selection of school principals
• Fundraising activities
• Ensuring that the Catholic system of education is fostered
• Promoting and supporting the best interests of the school community
• The advisory council also attempts to enable parents and students to assume a more responsible and active role in education programs and services.

Elections are held each year and membership on the School Parent Council is determined in the following ways:

• Parents shall be elected by parents and guardians of students enrolled in the school.
• The chair of the council shall be a member who is also a parent and shall be elected by the council
• Community representatives shall be elected by the council
• The student representative shall be elected by students
• The school principal shall be a designated member
• The teacher representative shall be elected by members of the teaching staff
• The non-teaching staff member shall be elected by members of the non-teaching staff