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  • Kids Now is a specialized program that helps youth address their teen issues ‘head-on’.
  • Free, after-school program equips youth aged 11-14 (Grade 7 & 8) with essential life skills they will need to transition into high school successfully.
  • Led by trained volunteer adult mentors, the 12 week curriculum based, leadership training program was designed to complement the existing school curriculum, and help build our participants social-emotional skills.
  • The Program offers a unique “one-stop-shop” solution where teens learn skills needed to steer away from negative influences and stay on the right track.
  • Each participating school principal acts as our School Champion to help oversee the program.
  • The School Champion promotes the program to students, manages the signup process and works with the Mentor to ensure that the program runs smoothly in their school.
  • For more information, please visit