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School History And Tradition

1910 ~ A four-room school at 1114 St. Clair Ave. West is opened. Enrolment is about 60 students, with one teacher.
1915 ~ The Sisters of St. Joseph are asked to assist at St. Clare School, with Sr. St. Brigid as the principal.
1925 ~ The Brothers of the Christian Schools join the staff, taking on the task of operating the Boys' School.  Boys and girls are taught separately and play in separate yards.
1935 ~ Enrolment swells to 530 students. Additions are made to the building over the years, increasing the number of classrooms to 12.
1959 ~ An addition is added to the original building to increase the number of rooms to 24. A new school is erected on Northcliffe Ave., which becomes the Boys' School. The girls remain in the original building.
1963 ~ a second new building is completed on Northcliffe Ave. The Girls' School relocates there. The original building is occupied by the primary grades.
1967 ~ The last year the Brothers of the Christian Schools are with St. Clare. The boys and girls are amalgamated into one school. Enrolment is 1400 students.
1978 ~ Harmony Childcare Centre is opened on site, offering full day care for preschoolers as well as before and after care to local school children.
1982 ~ The original school is demolished. The site is converted into a parkette, officially named  "Piazza Santa Chiara".
1982 ~ Extended French program is introduced for grades 5 to 8.
1983 ~ Italian Heritage Language is introduced
2010 ~ St. Clare Catholic School celebrates its 100th Anniversary

The partnership of teachers, parents and parish, dedicated to the spiritual, academic and personal growth of our students continues.