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How We Meet The Diverse Needs Of Our Students

In order to meet the diversified needs of our students, we ensure the presence of a Catholic school community, at all times.  Daily prayers, religion lessons, monthly rosary sessions, and the integration of Gospel values across the curriculum, are integral components of our program.  Monthly masses are prepared in conjunction with our outstanding, parish team.  The masses allow for students from various divisions to take leadership roles as greeters, members of the processions, and readers.  Active participation in the celebration of the Eucharist is taught, modeled and encouraged. 
At St. Clement Catholic School, we provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment for our students so that they may work and grow to their full potential.  High academic and behavioural standards are set for all.  Individualized Education Plans are developed to meet the various academic, social and/or emotional needs of our students.  Each child is encouraged to strive towards his/her expected level of performance, in all areas. 
Various forms of program support and enrichment are provided, including:
-         small group and/or peer-to-peer reading opportunities;
-         early identification of student needs through our School Based Support and Joint Teams;
-         Scientist-in-the-School presentations for all classes;
-         drama sessions for the Primary, Junior and Intermediate division students;
-         school/divisional assemblies led by various presenters;
-         curriculum-related excursions. 
In addition, St. Clement Catholic School students enjoy the benefits of participating in many, extra-curricular activities that may appeal to their interests.  Some of these include:
-         athletic teams (outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, swim, cross-country, track and
          field, softball);
-         choir;
-         W5H teams;
-         Drama Club (major productions every few years);
-         houseleague program (grades 1 to 8);
-         Carnaval;
-         school yearbook;
-         Student Council (charitable events, spirit days, lunch days)
-         EcoSchool Team
-         Chess Club
-         Scrabble Club
-         Yoga Club
-         Quilting Club
-         Health Action Team
Our very active Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) works closely with the school staff to provide many program enrichment opportunities.  Two, major fundraising events are held annually (Fall Fun Fair, QSP Magazine Sales) to fund the majority of our CSAC budget.  In past years, the proceeds have been used to pay for: Scientist-in-the-School programs; Drama sessions through Imagination Works; playground structure; musical instruments; computer hardware; library resources; student agendas; many, other program supports.  
An annual, CSAC sponsored Meet and Greet evening is hosted to welcome new parents and children to our school community.  This event helps new families to meet one another, and as well as, longer standing members of our community.  It also allows the new families to learn more about our school, its policies, procedures and programs. 
Through the outstanding, collegial work, commitment and Christian example of our staff, parents and parish team, the children who attend St. Clement Catholic School are blessed with an excellent, educational opportunity that allows them to grow in mind, heart and faith.