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Library News

Welcome to St. Clement School Library Information Centre


St. Clement School Library is a vital place for students to have access to the necessary resources available by providing a library equipped with books, magazines, teacher resources and internet access. The library is to be used for reading books, researching information, quiet study and positive attitude towards reading. Students have the opportunity to read popular fiction books and magazines, research our extensive non-fiction section, produce reports and research material. We are committed to helping students achieve their best in an environment that promotes equity and Catholic values.




St. Clement School Library has implemented the Insignia Integrated Library System (ILS). All TCDSB school libraries are sharing a common, centralized union catalogue through which library staff can leverage work done by others to clone catalogue records from other TCDSB schools. 

The Insignia ILS is a full-featured library system. It is a web-based application with an easy point-and-click navigation and consistent, intuitive interface. While the entire system can be explored with just a few mouse clicks, behind the simple interface lies a powerful database engine capable of maintaining millions of records. The Insignia System is now available for parents and students to view online at home:


Use Insignia Library software program to locate books.

To Access click on the link below:

Then, search by Keyword, Title, Author or Subject

You will be able to view all the books that are available in our library!

System features include:


·         Available to all staff, students and parents through a web browser from any computer at the Board or from home

·         Extensive use of barcode scanners

·         No more pockets in books, card catalogues, class binders or student cards

·         Book Cover images automatically found and attached to each item

·         Integration with Trillium Companion for student pictures

·         Self-Checkout

·         Automatic notification to patrons of overdue books or fines



Book Classification

Primary Picture Books and Chapter Books in the Library are shelved by Level or Author’s last name.

Other books in the library are categorized according to the Dewey Decimal System of classification:

000-099    General Works, Computer Science  
100-199    Philosophy and Psychology
200-299    Religion
300-399    Social Science 
400-499    Language
500-599    Natural Science and Mathematics 
600-699    Technology
700-799    Arts and Recreation
800-899    Literature
900-999    Geography and History



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