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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal Communication

March 2019

Dear Parents,

  We have made it to the month of March and we are inching closer and closer to our annual March Break. As much as we were getting off easy from winter prior to the new year, we are definitely making up for it over the past month or so. We are also inching closer to Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. On March 6th, our school will be receiving ashes during our Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Clement Church, signifying the beginning of the Lenten Season. Lent is a very special time of the year as it prepares us as Catholics for the most important time on our Liturgical Calendars, Easter. We look forward to seeing as many parents and/or family members as possible on March 6th (10:00 am) at St. Clement Catholic Church to help us celebrate Ash Wednesday with our whole St. Clement School community. Thank you to our French Department for coordinating our Carnival Celebrations at our school last week as well as parts of next week, and our Grade 8 students for hosting our Shrove Tuesday pancake lunches coming up on March 5th . With First Term Report Cards and Parent/Teacher Interviews now complete, we are now well into the Second Term of the school year. As always, lots of great events and activities on the horizon for the students of St. Clement. “Big Kids Productions” will be back again to perform for our Grade 4-8 students on March 20th. The focus for these performances is always anti-bullying, done in a very interactive and fun way for the students. Our Grade 2-5 students will be participating in their Lenten Reconciliations at St. Clement Church during the week of March 18th. Our School Hockey Team will be competing in their first Tournament at York University on Thursday, March 21st, while our Chess Team will be competing in their own Tournament on Friday, March 29th. Lots of great events and activities going on at our school throughout the month of March. The St. Clement Staff continues to focus on supporting and developing our students’ skills and proficiency in the area of Math throughout the year. Our focus continues to be on improving our understanding of Application and Thinking-type questions, while also continuing to provide our students with strategies to be successful. We are also going to continue modelling the Growth Mindset of “Mistakes Are Valuable”, as well as highlight the importance of there being “More Ways Than One To Solve a Problem”. Please view another video clip below from Carol Dweck (a leading advocate for developing Growth Mindsets in our students). As a community, we can all help develop the idea that Growth Mindsets are important, both at school and at home.​  

S. Peters 


St. Clement Catholic School​