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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal Communication

November 2018

Dear Parents,

We begin the month of November having already accomplished so much at our school this year, and now we are preparing for our Christmas and Advent celebrations that are just around the corner.  Our students had a lot of fun yesterday with our Hallowe’en activities.  Thank you to all of the families in our community for ensuring that the costumes your child chose were respectful and safe.   Today and tomorrow we will be honoring All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  Both days are very important for us as Catholics.  On All Saints Day we reflect upon all of the Saints that represent such great role models for us, while on All Souls Day we remember those that are no longer with us, especially those that we have known personally.  There are still some construction items we are still working through, but we are getting closer and closer to final completion.  I will keep families updated with any new information when it comes my way.  Finally, we have had to say good-bye to our Grade 4 Teacher, Ms. Fantilli.  She was presented with a great opportunity for a new assignment at another school.  We thank her for her commitment to her students, and wish her all the best at that new school.  We welcome to St. Clement Ms. Meghan Maclaren as our new Grade 4 Teacher.  When you get a chance, please introduce yourself and welcome her to our school community. 
  With the calendar turning to November, it means Progress Reports and Parent/Teacher Interviews are right around the corner.  Progress Reports will be going home to parents on Tuesday, November 13th, with Parent/Teacher Interviews scheduled for the evenings of November 14th and 15th.  The month will also see our Grade 2 and 3 students participating in Ballroom Dancing lessons.  This has become a popular activity for our community over the past few years, and we are happy to have it back for our younger students this month.  Hatch Canada is back at our school as well, allowing students that are interested in Coding to take part during various lunchtime hours.  We are also coordinating LEGO workshops for our Grade 1-3 students, which should begin sometime in November, while we are hoping to begin Robotics Workshops for our Grade 4-8 students, which will start up in the new year as well.  With all of the wonderful excursions and trips planned by our Staff at St. Clement (as well as Athletics and Clubs), there are lots of great activities available to the students at our school, which enrich the overall environment at St. Clement. 
  Once again, our Staff is focusing on supporting and developing our students’ skills and proficiency in the areas of Math and Language throughout the year.  As mentioned in last month’s Newsletter, our school did very well with last year’s EQAO and CAT/4 assessments.  However, there are always areas of improvement that can be identified.  For Math, our Staff will be focusing on Application and Thinking-type questions (problem solving) with their students, and continue to provide them with strategies to be successful with these types of questions.  We are also going to continue modelling the Growth Mindset of “Mistakes Are Valuable” that we initiated a few years ago, as well as highlight the importance of there being “More Ways Than One To Solve a Problem”.  Please view the video clip below from Carol Dweck (a leading advocate for developing Growth Mindsets in our students).  As a community, we can all help develop the idea that Growth Mindsets are important, both at school and at home. 


S. Peters 


St. Clement Catholic School​