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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal Communication

January 2019

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year everyone! I trust that all the families in our community had an enjoyable Christmas Break, with an opportunity to be with family and friends. With 2019 finally here, we at St. Clement are eager to begin some of the new events and activities we have planned for our students throughout the rest of the school year. At this time, I would also like to extend one more “thank
you” to all the families that helped support this year’s St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Charity. All the Gift Cards donated amounted to $1360. Those Gift Cards went to several families in our own community, which allowed them to have a much better Christmas. St. Vincent de Paul is very appreciative of our community’s continued generosity.
We begin the year by having our next School Mass at St. Clement Church on Monday, January 14th. Our monthly Masses are special times for our school to come together to celebrate the Eucharist. All family members of our community are welcome to
attend these monthly Masses too. A First Communion Information Meeting will take place on that very same day for parents of our Grade 2 students. The meeting will take place at St. Clement Church at 7:00 pm.   Moving to other activities at our school, both our boys and girls basketball teams continue practicing in preparation for their
Divisional Tournaments later in February. We wish them all the best during the lead up to these tournaments. Our Grade 4 and 7 students begin Ballroom Dancing practices this month in preparation for their performance next month. The Ballroom Dancing
program has become a highly anticipated event at our school for both parents and students. We will also be welcoming “Logics Academy” to St. Clement this month. For those students that have registered, Logics Academy will be providing Lunchtime Robotics
Workshops for our Grade 4-8 students. With all of the other regular activities that go on at our school, January will be a very busy month to begin the new year at St. Clement.
The St. Clement Staff continues to focus on supporting and developing our students’ skills and proficiency in the area of Math throughout the year. Our focus continues to be on improving our understanding of Application and Thinking-type questions, while
also continuing to provide our students with strategies to be successful. We are also going to continue modelling the Growth Mindset of “Mistakes Are Valuable”, as well as highlight the importance of there being “More Ways Than One To Solve a Problem”. Please view the video clips below from Carol Dweck (a leading advocate for developing Growth Mindsets in our students). As a community, we can all help develop the idea that Growth Mindsets are important, both at school and at home.


S. Peters 


St. Clement Catholic School​