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For Parents


Safety Items

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Parents in the Staff Parking Lot

Parents are not permitted in the staff parking lot from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm. Absolutely no children should be dropped off or picked up during these times.

Parents/Adults In The School Yard
Appreciation is extended to all parents for your cooperation and respect of school policy that there should be no parents in the school yard during the school day and when supervision begins at 8:45 am. The purpose of this requirement is not to be unwelcoming but rather to ensure the safety of all students.
Parents In The School
Once again, appreciation is extended to all parents for your cooperation with respect to adults other than staff members being in the school building during school hours. While parents are always welcome to visit the school, it is important that all parents are aware of reporting directly to the main office as soon as you arrive at the school. For safety reasons, no adult (other than staff members) is allowed to be anywhere in the school without having first contact at the office.
Parents/Students Returning To School After Hours
All parents and students are reminded that it is inappropriate to return to school after hours to retrieve forgotten homework or assignments. On the rare occasion when an emergency situation may arise, parents are asked to report to the office first. School staff would then accompany the parent to the classroom, if necessary. Under no circumstance should a student or a parent enter a classroom which is unattended. Parents are reminded that it is inappropriate to request a member of the caretaking staff to provide admission to classrooms. Such requests put everyone in a potentially compromised position. Indeed, students who may forget homework or assignments should be expected to accept the consequences for such forgetfulness. Hopefully, consequences would not be overly severe and such consequences can provide invaluable life lessons for the student.
Students Being Dropped Off Early
Parents are reminded that supervision begins at St. Clement Catholic School at 8:45a.m. Therefore, parents should not drop off students at the school prior to that time.
Dogs At The School
While it is understandable that it may be convenient to walk the dog at the same time as bringing children to school, parents are encouraged to not bring dogs into the high traffic areas that serve as entrances to the school yard. Even the most well behaved and trained dog can be frightened or startled by unexpected movement or noise and we would all prefer to avoid such potentially dangerous incidents. 
Student punctuality has generally been good but we do have some habitually late arrivals. Parents are encouraged to do everything possible to have the children in the school yard before the bell so that all students may begin their day together.

Allergy Awareness
Food Allergy picture
Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that is so severe it can be fatal.  We have several children at St. Clement Catholic School who suffer from this condition.  These children are counting on our help to stay safe.  Common examples of potentially life-threatening allergies are to foods and insects.  In our school we have potentially life-threatening allergies to all foods that contain:  traces of peanuts and other nuts, traces of dairy product.
The school is an allergy-aware environment and we are requesting your co-operation in working to ensure that products which are free of food allergens.
Please help us to educate your children on cross contamination by reminding them of the absolute necessity of regular hand washing before and after eating. Cross contamination possess a severe health risk to any child with a life- threatening allergy.  Please continue to be vigilant in checking the ingredients of food items brought to school.  In addition, children are asked not share food with classmates.