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We Day 2017

We Day is something that all Me to We ambassadors look forward to, so waking up early and getting to school by 6:45 am was no problem for us. Since you cannot buy tickets and need to earn them, we were quite honoured we were able to attend. Not only did the Me2We ambassadors get the opportunity to attend, but our very own Mr. Sloan, was able to secure tickets for everyone in Ms. Ferreira’s grade 7/8 class!

Upon arrival at the ACC, the Me 2 We grade 8 ambassadors marveled at our amazing floor seats in a stadium with twenty thousand other students. When the show was opened by a speech from Marc and Craig Kielburger themselves, everyone listened with rapt attention. It was truly amazing that the founders of such a world changing organization that we are proud to be a part of were standing in front of us; thanking us all for the work we`ve done and that we need to continue what we`ve been doing for the greater good.

Their empowering words were followed by incredible performances by Vanessa Hudgens, Shawn Hook, Kelly Clarkson, Lilly Singh, Hedley and Sabrina Carpenter. We witnessed an inspiring interview by Spencer West with Canadian athlete Penny Oleksiak and Andre De Grasse along with a motivational speech by Rick Hansen and some Invictus athletes. After Hansen spoke, we were told that we were going to hear a recorded message from Prince Harry, but instead he surprised us by coming out onstage.   Prince Harry urged us all to work together and help one another in order to build a brighter future.

A spotlight was shone upon our St. Clement Me 2 We Ambassadors and teacher leaders, as our school was surprisingly given the award for Outstanding School in Community Engagement by Cineplex as part of the We Volunteer Now campaign. Along with the recognition of volunteering with such organizations as Canadian Food for Children, each member was given a free movie pass!

We Day wasn’t just a concert, though, but a chance for ambassadors to get together and learn about the cause we believe in; helping others. It was truly great to see young people doing good in the world; like our former St. Clement student, Julia Menezes, who was awarded the We generation award for her exceptional community involvement and service trip to Tanzania. (Julia will even be coming back to St. Clement to share that experience with us.) The ending of We day was bittersweet, as no one wanted to leave yet but everyone wanted to see Marc and Craig again. Seeing them on stage is something moving, the passionate and dedicated way they speak. The whole day was a memorable experience and we left with knowledge in our hearts and minds. It’s easy to say that you can change the world, but seeing so many thousands of people gathered together who believe, it takes what you say and makes it real. I speak on behalf of my peer ambassadors when I say that together we can really change the world for the good.

Thank you to Ms. Ferreira, Mrs. Tatangelo and Mme. Morrison for being our guides on this amazing journey and to our entire school community for their continuous support of our many local and global action.​

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