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Our grade 7 overnight trip to Ontario Pioneer Camp was a thrilling experience that provided many new and exciting experiences.  In the outline below, the grade seven students that attended the camp will be thoroughly exploring the activities we did by talking about what we did each day.


On the first day, our anticipation grew every minute as we took the 2.5 hour bus ride to beautiful, snowy, Muskoka, after leaving our sad parents.  Once we got there, we went to see our spacious rooms with private bathrooms; boys on the bottom floor and girls on the top floor, and large family room.  After that we had a scrumptious lunch, then continued on with activities.  We learned our first survival skills during orienteering with compasses and mapping.  We also did a challenge course that improved our communication skills between each other.  After a healthy and delicious dinner, we had a night hike, where we learned more about our senses, especially night vision and enhanced sense of smell. 


The next day, we had three activities which including axe throwing, guided hike, wilderness survival skill and “Geocaching”, involving GPS devices.  Later that night we played a fun and interactive game in the dining hall called “Diamond Smugglers, which turned into a really exciting dance party.  After that we watched the Leafs first playoff game, as well as a movie, “The Hunger Games”.  After that we got some snacks and merchandise from the Tuck shop, before settling onto our rooms for a restful night’s sleep.


On our final day, we all woke up feeling a little sad because we knew that we were leaving, but that didn’t stop us from still having fun with our last activity, “The Amazing Race”, an activity in which the three groups raced each other to complete challenges created by the counsellors.  After the race, all the groups met in the dining hall one final time and had our last satisfying meal at camp.  We said goodbye to our incredible counsellors and cabins, as we once again boarded our bus.  On our ride home, we all reflected on the incredible opportunity we were given.  Ontario Pioneer Camp greatly exceeded all of our expectations and was an exciting, fresh, new experiences that we will never forget.  It was sad to leave, but we will always remember this trip.  Many thanks go to Ms. Ferreira, Mrs. Wilson, Mme. Morrison and Mr. O’Neill for planning and taking time from their own families to supervise us, as well as all the outgoing, knowledgeable and encouraging counsellors.


Jacob, Jillian, Josh, Julia, Nathan, Natalia, Scottie, Vanessa

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