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Shrove Tuesday 2019

On Shrove Tuesday, the 8 class came together to make over 1200 pancakes for the entire school. It was a tedious task to take on, but many hands made it possible. Staff brought griddles, parents volunteered their time, and students made the pancakes for a total of three hours. It was a joint effort that wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s help.

     Although the task was great, the grade 8’s stepped up to the challenge. The reason for this fundraiser is to help subsidize the grade 8’s graduation trip. It is something that the grade 8’s look forward to every year, but it is very expensive. This helps each graduating student with the cost of the trip to Quebec. As the scent of pancakes cooking filled the halls, students came out of their classroom to see what was happening, and were all pleasantly surprised to see the pancakes being made by students, for students.

     We would like to send out a special thank you to Mr. O’Neill for his help and support throughout this incredible experience.  Finally, we would like to thank all of the parents for assisting and for also allowing us to use their equipment. Nothing would have been possible without all of these incredible people who went above and beyond.​  Enjoy the pictures below!!!!​

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