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logo_good1_small.jpgWe are entering a very exciting time in our school history. In 2012/13 school year we will be moving into our new school building. We welcome all of our returning families and those new to our school at this exciting time to become part of our Catholic community.
St. Conrad is one of three schools serviced by the Franciscan Fathers at St. Philip Neri Catholic Church. The church is located at Jane and Highway 401. One of the Friars attends our monthly masses held at the school. Mass dates are published in our monthly calendars. Parents are encouraged to attend and celebrate with our school community.
Find enclosed a number of key items that will assist you at our school. Please feel free to contact the school at any time should you have any questions regarding any items, including transportation, curriculum and instruction, volunteering at our school, or any other concerns.
Once again, welcome to our school and community.
School Hours, Transportation and Safe Arrival
Our school hours at St. Conrad are changing for the 2012/13 school year. Beginning on September 4, school will begin at 8:30 am and finish at 3:30 pm. St. Conrad is an International Language school where all children have the opportunity to learn Italian. This extends the school day by one-half hour.
Transportation to and from the school is available to families in our school. In order to determine whether you are eligible for bussing we can search your address in our data base. Simply inquire by calling the school secretary.
Our school has a safe arrival program. Each morning after attendance, teachers send a report of students missing from their classes for the day. This list is checked against reported absences. We encourage you to call the school when your child is absent. If you do not call, we must call and determine a reason for the absence and to ensure that you child is safe.
Co-curricular and Lunchtime programing
We offer a number of house league and school teams. We have basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross-country, and track and field, to name a few. We also offer a number of pay as you go programs over the lunch period. Last year, for example, we offered chess, learning the ukulele, dance, learning with Lego, and various art programs. We also offer a School Nutrition Program that provides students with a nutritious snack at morning recess. Each year, we ask parents to make a small, tax-deductible donation to the program.
We are Family!
Engaging in your child's education is the key to their success. Our Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) works to support curricular and co-curricular programs at our school. Becoming an active parent and familiarizing yourself with school issues can improve your child’s achievement in school.
The CSAC consists of a strong and vibrant parent community that supports the school in a myriad of different ways, always seeking to improve our school for students. You can become involved in a number of ways — by attending meetings, volunteering for events or becoming a member of one of our committees.
Most importantly, by providing your input into all our efforts, you help us to keep our tradition and values alive in our daily practices in school. "We are a family", CSAC motto, comes alive with your assistance in our school community! Consider joining the Parent Council at our school!
Who was St. Conrad?
St. Conrad spent most of his life as porter in monastery in Bavaria, letting people into the friary and indirectly encouraging them to let God into their lives. A lover of solitary prayer and a peacemaker as a young man, Conrad joined the Capuchins as a brother.
He made his profession in 1852. That city’s shrine to Mary was very popular; at the nearby Capuchin friary there was a lot of work for the porter, a job Conrad held for 41 years.
At first some of the other friars were jealous that such a young friar held this important job. Conrad’s patience and holy life overcame their doubts. As porter he dealt with many people, obtaining many of the friary supplies and generously providing for the poor who came to the door. He treated them all with the courtesy Francis expected of his followers.
Conrad also developed a special rapport with the children of the area. He enthusiastically promoted the Seraphic Work of Charity, which aided neglected children.
Conrad spent hours in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. He regularly asked the Blessed Mother to intercede for him and for the many people he included in his prayers. The ever-patient Conrad was canonized in 1934.
His feast day is April 21.