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 School History And Tradition

 St. Conrad of Parsham  On May 15, 1980, the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now Toronto Catholic District School Board), at its regular meeting decided to lease Roding Public School to establish St. Conrad Catholic School. At that time it was estimated that the pupil enrollment for September 1980 would be 300 pupils. However, that number was actually 390 by the end of September of that year. St. Conrad Catholic School is situated in a residential area adjacent to Roding Community Centre and Roding Park Arena.

  When the school opened, a very active senior adult group was using a classroom in the school for recreational activities. Because of the large enrollment in the first month, the North York Parks and Recreation was informed of the overcrowding and the need for the school to use all the available space, hence, the following year the seniors were relocated to the community centre next door to the school. 
The official opening and school blessing took place on April 21, 1981
  Our school is dedicated to St. Conrad of Parsham, a Capuchin Friar born in Germany. In 1842, Conrad joined the Order of the Friars Minor Capuchin. From 1852 until his death in 1894, he served as a porter at the Convent of Altoetting, working with the poor. On April 21, 1894 he became very ill and died. In 1930 he was canonized by Pope Pius XI. We celebrate his feast day each year on April 21st. Because of his works of charity with the poor and their families, we have chosen as our school motto: “We are a family”.