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School Dress Code

Our school community, under the direction of the School Dress Code Committee, has established a concise dress code for our school.This policy was developed in consultation with our school community, staff and the Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC).  

This is a mandatory dress code for all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight. All students are required to dress in white or navy blue tops and navy blue bottoms on a daily basis and when representing the school.  No logos, piping or any other markings, outside of the school crest, can be on any clothing. Parents also have the option of purchasing school logo items and navy blue wear from our school supplier. Red tops may also be purchased from our clothing supplier.
Where to Buy Clothes: Parents may purchase their children’s white or navy blue tops and navy bottoms at any department store or clothing store. St. Conrad crested items (white/navy/red tops – long and short sleeve golf shirts and girl’s blouses – and red sweaters (including sweaters, vests, and cardigans) are purchased from our official clothing store, InSchoolwear.
What Clothes to Buy: In a Catholic schools where values and respect for self and others are emphasized, parents are asked to be careful when choosing appropriate clothing items. Clothes should be modest, loose fitting and comfortable for students to wear and be active in. For clothing options please refer to the Dress Code Policy Chart.
Special Needs: Parents of special needs students who may have questions/concerns about the suitability of the dress code for their child are encouraged to discuss their concerns with their child’s teacher or the school principal. All efforts will be made to encourage inclusiveness in our dress code and our school community. Special needs students may have dress code needs noted in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).
Financial Assistance: Our school and CSAC are committed to our appropriate dress code policy and will assist parents who have financial difficulties in meeting the policy. Inquiries can be confidentially made through your child’s teacher or directly to the school principal.
Encouraging Compliance: This policy encourages compliance by providing families with choice when purchasing white top for wearing beneath school crested sweaters and navy blue bottoms, including pants, slacks, walking shorts, skorts, and/or tunics.  A single supplier is available for purchasing crested white or navy blue tops and crested red sweaters.  Only red sweaters, vests, or cardigans purchased from St. Conrad’s official clothing supplier, InSchoolwear, may be worn at school. The supplier offers online, retail, and school delivery options.
Appropriate Dress Code Compliance: Parents have the primary responsibility for meeting the expectations of the appropriate dress code policy. As this dress code is supported by our school community it is unlikely that compliance will be an issue.
However, to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that the goals of the dress code are adhered to, the following corrective actions are available to the staff and the school principal. Students may be spoken to by their teacher or principal, parents may be contacted, a note may be sent home, or students may be excluded from non-curricular activities, not including recess.   Compliance problems will be dealt with in a progressive manner so that parents are only contacted when there are serious or repeated issues that need to be addressed not for minor issues. Occasional accidental/unforeseen circumstances will not be treated the same as repeated, deliberate non-compliance.
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