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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School Newsletter - June 2018


Principal’s Message
It has been a very successful and exciting 2017-2018 at St. Conrad! Thank you to all the parents and volunteers for their support in our students’ education, physical well-being and spiritual development. St. Conrad has received numerous wins, awards, high scores, honors, accolades and reasons to celebrate this year! We wish all students, parents and staff a very blessed and safe summer.
This past month our leadership Team hosted a Camp Olympia weekend, our school and Board celebrated Catholic Education Week and Respect for Life Week, our grade 2’s, 5’s, and 7’s wrote the CAT/4 test, and our grade 3’s and 6’s wrote the EQAO test. In addition, our Chess Team made it to the City Championships for the first time as a team, our grade 4’s too part in learning life saving skills in Swim-to-Survive, our grade 7’s celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation and the intermediate boy’s soccer team is moving on to the Regional Championship. Congratulations for yet another busy and successful and impactful month.
In June we are looking forward to the Living Rosary (whole school), CSPC School BBQ, Italian Heritage Day, Kinder Play Day , grade 8 Graduation trip, Retro Day, Economics for Success (gr. 8), grade 8 and SK graduations, End of Year Mass and more. The admin would like to take this space to also thank all the teachers and support staff for their tireless work, dedication and support to our students, parents and administration. May we all receive the rejuvenation and rest we need this summer!
Well-Being Corner
Summer can be a Time for Trying Something New:  Self-Improvement VS. Perfectionism
Continually seeking self-improvement is very different from seeking perfection. Changing anything in our lives takes time but it’s easy to forget that when we’re expecting to achieve perfection on the first try. We expect instant results and we expect to be perfect on our first try. When we measure our progress by either perfection or not, we will always be disappointed until we reach perfection. But the trouble with using perfection as a standard is that, if we aren’t perfect at something, we feel like a failure. Feeling like a failure is not very motivating but that’s what we experience about ourselves every time we aren’t perfect.
Often we forget that being human means that we are people who make mistakes. We are inherently not perfect. But just because we’re not perfect, doesn’t mean we’re a failure. So instead of measuring everything you do by the “perfect or total failure”, try taking a more nuanced. Focus on becoming a little bit better each day instead of feeling like a failure for not being perfect yet. Let go of the belief that you need to be perfect right now and instead embrace the process of self-improvement. Here are some simple ways to free yourself from the restraints of the quest to perfection so that you can live a more fulfilling life.
  • Watch out or “all or none” thinking. Self-improvement is a process; failures are part of it too.
  • Focus on even small gains (and celebrate them). We tend to ignore small gains, highlight them
  • Practice Self-Compassion: Acknowledge that you will make mistakes … it can be freeing!
Faith In Action
TCDSB New 3-Year Pastoral Plan
Inspired by St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians, our new TCDSB pastoral plan for the next 3 years is:
Rooted in Christ: we Belong, we Believe, we Become. Mr. Cleary, Sofia Vaccaro (grade 7 student), and Gina Vaccaro (parent) attended the Pastoral Launch on May 9th. This included a liturgy of the Word by Cardinal Collins, a re-cap of the last Pastoral Plan of Harmonizing Our Faith Through Family, Parish, School, and the unveiling of the new 3-year Pastoral Plan. It was a wonderful event to share with representatives of all stakeholders our combined dedication to Catholic Education. Catholic schools are built on the relationships between our families, our parishes, our staff and our students and all of us share a strong commitment to Catholic education. Our new pastoral plan uses the images of a tree which signifies the enduring strength, hope and life of every one of us. Jesus says in John 15, “I am the vine you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit because apart from me you can do nothing”.
Our First Year: Rooted in Christ we Belong — In creating us, God expressed his love for us as members of his family and calls us to share that love with one another. Belonging describes our membership that gives us assurance of inclusion, acceptance and sense of satisfaction as members of one another. The roots of the tree spread out underneath the soil, speaks of our common belonging because we recognize and appreciate the beauty of our origin from diverse social and cultural backgrounds regardless of gender, race or social status. We come together as one family.
Our Second Year: Rooted in Christ, We Believe — We acknowledge that our belonging to God also shapes our perspectives on what we do and how we do it. As a community of believers, we celebrate Christ who is always present with us as the source and summit of our Christian life. Christ is present as the one around whom we build relationships; we celebrate our dignity, heal our differences, reconcile conflicts and move on to a better future for all. Around him, we build a community of disciples united in love. The tree symbolizes that this relationship is not one dimensional, but has both vertical and horizontal dimensions, mirroring the Cross. Therefore, our belief connects us to the two sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
Our Third Year: Rooted in Christ, We Become — Following the Great Commission of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew – “Go and make disciples of all nations”, we shall focus on our vocation as people called to Christian discipleship, to service and to mission. Our vocation is defined by our belonging as members of God’s family and by what we believe. Our belonging and our beliefs define what we become in the world and in our environment, and invite us to become all God has created us to be.  Just as the tree’s branches bear fruit and provide shelter, the Holy Spirit stirs us to use our gifts in joy to meet the world’s greatest need. By creating and redeeming us, God is inviting us to become vessels of unity, witnesses to communion, and agents of reconciliation to the world. At the heart of our pastoral plan is Christ himself. We gather as family, we celebrate our faith, and we are sent out into the world to “live the gospel by our very lives.”
ECO News
Eco members have been hard at work planting in the  pollinator garden and adding a few new herbs into the sensory garden.   Our green team is currently busy creating stepping stone as art and a sign to place in our pollinator garden.  Thanks to all of those who have respected nature and allowed new leaves and flowers to grow in our garden.  Our flowers and herbs are started by to bloom nicely.  A little kindness goes a long way.
We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to sign up to water the garden during the summer.  Please see Ms. Paiva if you would like to sign up.  Everyone is welcome!   It's our garden to enjoy as a community.
Track & Field
We would like to congratulate all Track and Field members that participated this year. St. Conrad did very well at the Divisional Meet with 22 students advancing to the Regional Meet. The Regional Meet allowed us to advance one student, Vito Penna for the 800m run, to the City Finals. Congratulations Vito and congratulations to everyone for your time and effort in preparing for your events.
The Gifted Corner
The students in the St. Conrad Gifted Withdrawal Program participated in a variety of contests and competitions in 2017-2018. Toshiba NSTA/Exploravision 26th International Science Competition; Toronto Public Library "Design-a-Bookmark" Contest; T.C.D.S.B. 21st Annual Debating Competition: Affirmative Team-Gian Aberin and Noah Pivetta, Negative Team-David Armata and Jayden Chiola-Nakai; Canadian Geography Challenge 2018: Level 1 class winner-Karl Cunanan-Grade 5, Level 2 class winner-Jackson Thai-Grade 8; Math League Contest (Gifted Withdrawal Centres) Top Scorers: Grade 5-Joel Osasumwen, Grade 6-Anthony Zanchetta, Grade 7-Noah Pivetta and Taylor McLennan, Grade 8-Silvia De Angelis. The Grade 5 Gifted students developed their leadership skills by working collaboratively with the Grade 2 students in Mrs. Vasapollo's class, helping them develop their reading and comprehension skills in our Reading Buddies Program this year. The Grade 5,6,7 and 8 Gifted students also participated in the Downsview Park Stewardship Program and planted over 40 trees on May 8th, 2018 during Catholic Education Week.
CSPC Corner
Greetings parents and students! Well another school year has come and gone!  We have had a busy year with many events and activities for both parents and students.  On June 10 we will be hosting our annual community BBQ from 12-5pm.  We would like to invite everyone to this great event- come spend a fun filled day meeting new and old friends, participate in many fun activities and enjoy some delicious treats!  We will also be holding our annual BBQ raffle on this day.  Each ticket is only $2 or buy a whole book for $20 which will include an extra ticket for free.  We have many great gifts up for grabs including a TFC ultimate prize pack, a Nintendo Switch and a mountain bike with accessories.  So please come out on June 10 and support our event! Over this past year we held many events from our cultural Christmas to our movie nights to our upcoming BBQ. We also have raised a lot of money that has gone directly towards funding student and school activities. However, without all the support we have received directly from parents, students and staff, these events would never have occurred! We would like to thank everyone for their dedication in making this year great!! Have a safe summer and see you next year!! -The CSPC EXECUTIVE
Want to Help Others Become More Engaged in Catholic Education?
The Toronto Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC) is a provincially mandated and funded committee, which supports student achievement through increased parent involvement.  Members of CPIC work locally within their own wards, and also provide information and advice on parent engagement to the school board. The committee strategizes and plans initiatives and events that promote and facilitate parent engagement, and helps parents to support their children’s learning at home and/or at school. If this sounds of interest, consider running for election in the fall of 2018. Please note election dates below:
  • Even Wards:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12:  2 Parent Representatives per Ward: October 2nd
  • Odd Numbered Wards: Ward 3 (2 Vacancies); Ward 5 (1 Vacancy); Ward 9 (2 Vacancies): October 3rd
4 Parent-at-Large Representatives: Elections on October 15th Don’t have the time to serve on a
committee? Consider nominating someone for the committee, and remember to come out and vote for your CPIC representative. Visit for more information about CPIC.
Report Cards and Student Placements
All students are slated to receive their report cards on Tuesday, June 26th. This offers parents some time to work with staff and discuss potential issues with teachers prior to the end of the school year.  However, there are no parent-teacher interviews at the end of the school year.
  Students will also be receiving their provisional class placement for the 2018/19 school year.  We believe this provides students and their families with less stress about the upcoming school year.  Parents and students don’t have to worry over the Summer about who they will be “getting” as a teacher.  This also allows our first days and weeks of school to be much less hectic.  Parents must remember, however, that all of the placements are tentative and rely on the same number of students in each grade returning in September. With additional students and with some not returning, it is sometimes necessary to relocate students in order to limit class sizes.  Over the past two to three years these changes have been fairly minimal and not very disruptive to the beginning of our school year. Please direct any concerns about these two issues to our office staff.
Safety Reminder—Please remember not to park in the school parking lot either before or after school for pick up.  There are so many busses and students walking in the area that make parking unsafe.  Use the drop off area on Parent Avenue when driving your children to school. Let’s all work together to make school arrivals and end of day procedures safe for all!