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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Chess Club success!
Our Knights and Queens are in very good shape as they have come back from victories at several levels of competitions.
At the North Schools meet, all 8 girls qualified in the Girls North Competition to go on to the City Finals.  We were awarded the top school award at the event.  Congratulations to: Ann (Gr1), Olivia (Gr2), Saibrielle (Gr3), Maria (Gr4), Catherine (Gr5), Francesca (Gr6), Kristen (Gr7) and Ana Maria (Gr6) .
In the North Open competition, all 8 students qualified to go on to the City Open Finals as well.  They were awarded top school in the North.Congratulations to: Ethan (Gr1),  Jean Paul (Gr2), Jonathan (Gr3), Alex (Gr4), Catherine (Gr5), Evan (Gr6), Kristen (Gr7) and Joshua (Gr8).
At the City Girls Competition, we won 2 first, one third and one fourth place finish and at the Open Competition, we garnered 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 fifth place finishes.
St Cyril won top school in points in both city events.  All competitors were respectful and represented the school with honour.  Thank you to Nadia (Coach) and parents for assisting in these events.  A special thank you goes out to all the staff who have had to make accommodations to ensure that we participate in these events.