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About Us

Who We Are... 

St. Cyril, for whom our school was named, converted to Christianity against the laws of the government, and despite opposition from his family. Because of his strong faith, he refused to renounce Christ, and was martyred by being cast into a fire. We aspire to follow St. Cyril's strong commitment to Christ.

St. Cyril Catholic School is one of three schools in St. Edward the Confessor Parish. We are dedicated to fostering the spiritual, academic, physical, and emotional growth of our students through focusing on our shared Catholic values and on academic achievement.

St. Cyril was built in 1958 and extended in 1966 to include a third floor. Over the years, the school has established strong ties with the church and the community at large. Many of our current students have parents who are former St. Cyril graduates.

French immersion programming from senior kindergarten began in 1985 and from September 2015, French immersion will begin in junior kindergarten.

St. Cyril School has an active parent community that supports the students both academically and through a wide variety of extracurricular activities.  We are fortunate to have many staff and parents that volunteer their time and talents to assist with coaching, sporting tournaments, excursions, and other special days at the school.  

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

At St. Cyril School, we provide many opportunities for our students to become involved in the life of their school and, in particular, to develop leadership skills. We have a rich program of intramural as well as extra-curricular activities, including W5H, sports house leagues, competitive sports teams, chess club, and student council, to name a few.

Academic programs are accommodated or modified to ensure the success of all students. As needed, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are initiated and parental input is recommended.  Resource room assistance is available to support regular classroom assignments and English as a Second Language support is provided for new Canadians.

We screen children at the kindergarten level through the early identification process so that necessary interventions may begin at an early age. We also maintain a school-based support team through which teachers share ideas for program modification and intervention techniques to assist students within the regular classroom. We include members of our school board’s Special Services Department, as needed, to meet individual needs.

Communication is key to a shared partnership in education.  Parents receive feedback on their children’s progress on an ongoing basis, as well as at scheduled parent/teacher conferences. Monthly newsletters keep parents informed about school activities and events.

St. Cyril School prides itself on a collaborative atmosphere where older students serve as role models for younger ones through the reading buddies program, partnering on walks to church, and assisting as monitors during recesses.  At St. Cyril's, students care about one another and this is reflected in their daily interactions.

As part of our safe and welcoming environment, we maintain two qualified teachers with first aid training and we provide conflict management programs as needed. Programs in fire and street safety are also provided with the help of community services.

Our staff keeps current on changes to curriculum and educational policy through workshops and in-services and expertise on staff is shared through school workshops.

Valuable assistance is also provided by Faculty of Education candidates, parents, and high school or college co-op students.  We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our students!



































































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