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Nomation Committee

The nomination committee is responsible for gathering nominations for the next year's CSPC. The CSPC Nomination Committee cannot be on CSPC next year
The nomination committee will work towards
* Educating parents on the role of CSPC,
* Encouraging parents to participate in their Child's Education,
* Request volunteers for social functions in the school (Special Events Coordinator, Pizza Lunch Coordinator, and Milk Program Coordinator)
Their mandatory duties include:
* Attend CSPC meeting in April to agree to the duties and accept the responsibility
* Circulating a nomination form to the parent community in early May
* Gather nominations from the CSPC mailbox throughout May
* For nominations who are not "self nominations", confirm the acceptance of the nomination by making contact with the person nominated
* Report back at the Annual General Meeting on nominations in June
* Repeat the flyer/gather/confirm process in September
* Attend the CSPC election meeting in September to report back on nominations prior to the election
Optional Duties include:
* Issue marketing material on "What is CSPC"
* Put up signage within the school to encourage participation
* Participate at the School BBQ in September to encourage CSPC participation
* Hold 1 or several information sessions (drop-ins) to openly discuss the role of CSPC
(morning, around school dismissal time, in the evening...)
Please join to continue our CSPC legacy.