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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Useful Homework Links


Dictionary A site for dictionary and more Your dictionary
Languages Improve your English
The French Tutorial
An easy-to-use site for translations of foreign language Free translation
Social Studies Knowing your neighborhood or getting directions Mapquest
Math Math Definitions and Explanations Highline Advanced Math
Got a question ask Dr. Math Dr. Math
The Nelson Math Program (introduced to St. Cyril in 2004-2005 School Year) mathK8
  A+ Math
History An easy to use site for history and other subjects World Book A-to-Z Encyclopedias
Other Great graphics of the human anatomy Innerbody
Toronto Toronto
World Facts World Bank
National Geographic for Kids National Geographic for Kids/
The World Factbook CIA
Official Site of the Vatican Vatican
Ontario Physical Health Association Ophea
Healthy Lunches Alphabet kids

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