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Appropriate Dress Code Policy


Approprite Dress Code Policy Chart.pdfAppropriate Dress Code Policy Chart.pdf


St. Denis Catholic School - Appropriate Dress Code Q & A

Question: Why has St. Denis chosen to implement an appropriate dress code and why don’t other Catholic schools have it?
Answer: All schools have the option to introduce a dress code using the policy framework outlined by the Toronto Catholic Board of Education. All schools within the Toronto District Catholic School board will be implementing the blue and white by September 2011.
Question: Plain white or navy tops and plain navy bottoms - what does that mean exactly?
Answer: It means a solid plain collared white or navy top, no other colours.
Navy bottoms only. 
Question: If my child has a white collared shirt with white lace is that ok?
Answer: Yes, if it is plain white.
Question: If my child has a shirt that is white with tiny white or pink flowers on it, is that ok? 
Answer: No, it needs to be plain white.  Our policy says any details need to be consistent with the main color. All sweaters, vests, hoodies/sweatshirts and cardigans also need to be solid navy blue, white, or vendor purchased grey.
Question: Logos/Details/Decals: Can a white shirt have a logo or decal if the logo or decal is in white?  For example a white top with a white Nike swoosh or brand name embroidered in white? 
Answer: If the logo/decal is white, it may be worn. Any details/logos/decals need to be consistent with the colour of the shirt.
Question: Where can I buy grey (3rd colour) items? 
Answer: If you choose to include the 3rd colour (grey) in your child’s day to day wardrobe as an over garment, the grey items must be purchased from the school chosen the vendor, InSchoolwear.
Question: Can St. Denis track and field/sport ‘spirit wear’ (grey and green) shirts be worn? 
Answer: The more recent grey ‘spirit wear’ shirts can be worn for practices, physical education classes, sports events and dress down days. The older green spirit wear can be worn for sporting events and dress down days.
Question: What should my child wear for physical education classes?
Answer: On specific “gym” days or days where a student is attending a team sporting event, athletic wear clothes may be worn to school but is not mandatory. Athletic wear clothes include white or navy blue t-shirts and navy athletic shorts, track pants or yoga pants. They do not necessarily need to be purchased from the vendor, but must follow the same rules. ie: no logos etc.
Question: Can my child wear athletic shorts or navy track pants to school on ‘non-gym’ days?
Answer: No. Students can wear athletic shorts or track pants only on days they have scheduled extra curricular school events or scheduled physical education classes. 
Question: What else can my child wear?
Answer: The Appropriate Dress Code Policy Chart outlines all the clothing items that are included.  Your child can wear any combination of clothes outlined in the policy.  There are a number of options for cold and hot weather.  The chart also includes a section of what is not included.  See the St. Denis Catholic School Appropriate Dress Code Policy Chart for details.            
Question: Are all fabrics/materials okay to wear?
Answer: Most materials are included as long as they are the right colour.  There are some exceptions:  Jean/denim and wind pant fabric are not to be worn on a regular scheduled day.
Question: Will the cost of these appropriate dress clothes be affordable?
Answer: St. Denis has implemented an ‘appropriate dress code’ not a ‘uniform dress code’.  This allows you to shop at any store of your choice.  The cost of the blue and white clothes overall will be no more expensive than regularly dressing your child for the school year.
Question: Where can I purchase St. Denis crested clothes?
Answer: The St. Denis crested clothing is only available through InSchoolwear Inc. In order to make these available we contract with one company.  You may purchase one, two or more crested items or none at all --- it is your choice.
Question: Can I purchase a plain white or navy shirt from Old Navy or Sears or any other store I choose and attach/sew on a St. Denis crest?
Answer: Yes, St Denis crests will be sold at the school in the fall, as a separate optional item that you may attached/sewn onto garments purchased from any retail store. 
Question: Which store bought clothing items will I be able to attach/sew a St. Denis crest onto?
Answer: On the upper left side of shirts, sweaters,vests, sweatshirt/hoodies and cardigan. In the centre of a tunic or on a backpack.
Question: What is the difference between offering crested items and having a fully crested uniform dress code?
Answer: The appropriate dress code we have adopted is more flexible than a uniform dress code. It allows families to dress their children in plain white or plain navy tops and navy blue bottoms from the retailer(s) of their choice.  It also gives families the option to buy crested clothing if they wish and provides many options to mix and match. A full uniform dress code is more formal. It would require families to buy a set uniform from one designated supplier. There is less choice in what children can wear and no choice in where parents can shop.  All clothing would be crested and could include a gym uniform, shoes etc.
Question: Are there any exceptions to the dress code?
Answer: There may be exceptions. These will be based on a particular situation, and will be well communicated to the student(s) impacted. Example: Denim Day raising awareness for a specific charity.
Question: Will financial aid provided to families in need be a burden on the CSAC budget?
Answer: CSAC has always provided financial support to families that may need a little help.  With the many options for purchase available, the number of months before we get started, and the experience of other schools, we don’t anticipate a huge demand for assistance. We also have plans to offer used clothing sales down the road, making purchasing even more affordable.   An important value of a Christian community is compassion. We currently provide financial assistance to students in our community who need it for school trips or other things. This is a confidential process between the teacher/principal and the family needing help. 
Question: Who do I talk to if I need financial assistance?
Answer: Parents can speak to the principal regarding aid.  This is a confidential process.  Any aid provided by CSAC is done without any knowledge of the identity of the student or family.  That information is only available to the principal and sometimes the teacher.  This is the standard process for financial aid in the Catholic Board.  The process is confidential to allow families to maintain their dignity and privacy.
If further clarification is required, please contact Ms. Banfield at (416) 393-5310.