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This year we've merged the annual Walkathon that St. Denis has participated in for the past 25 years, with the Halloween parade, and as of today students will be accepting pledges that will go to modernizing individual classrooms, having more funds for art project materials, as well ​as well as helping our school upgrade some of its aging classroom projector equipment. This will be our major fundraiser for the 2021-2022 school year and on Friday, October 29th at 9 a.m. our classes will be exiting the Spruce Hill gate, walking down to the Boardwalk, and then coming back up Balsam and entering through the front doors.  It's short, but sweet.



  • The top pledging class (by percentage student participation) will receive a pizza and dress-down day, and top pledging students will be able to earn a Cineplex gift card (for junior/intermediate classes) and a Mastermind gift card (for kindergarten/primary classes). The top pledging student in the entire school will win t​he much coveted title of Principal for a Day, and be able to choose a Vice Principal to join them for doing announcements and engaging in a classroom walkabout. It also involves a special ice cream treat at lunch.
  • The Halloween Walkathon will be separated by cohort such that we can have fun but continue to be as safe as possible while respecting Toronto Public Health rules. 
  • We will be taking pictures of the parade on your behalf as to avoid any congregating.  If you do happen to see your child's class passing by, please feel free to clap and cheer (kids love that) and remember to stay physically distanced and wear your masks.

How to give (with tax receipt)

  • Click on and sign in. 
  • Click on Items
  • Then click on Make a Donation.
  • Once on the Make a Donation page, scroll down and you will be provided with a drop down list of schools.  Please ensure that you select St. Denis – General School.  Please note that donations are non-refundable as the tax receipt will already have been issued.
  • Please enter your child's name and the name of their teacher in the "Message to School" section
  • The Donation Page looks like this:


  • Once again, just a reminder to please ensure that you have entered your child's name and their teacher under the "Message to School" section or it will be difficult for us to ensure that students are recognized for their pledges.
  • ​Please also enter the information on the St. Denis Halloween Walkathon Pledge Form. This allows us to get more timely information, as we'd like to give the prizes out to the kids on Halloween Day. No donation is too small - every little bit helps.​


  • Students are welcome to wear their costumes to school on Friday, October 29th, however please ensure that they are appropriate to our respectful school setting.  Please avoid sending students with weapons of any kind (plastic or otherwise), any costumes that might be culturally offensive, or costumes which are so realistic and representative of physical injury as to be frightening to young children.  We trust your judgement in this respect.  There have been several stories in the news recently about the appropriateness of Halloween costumes in the past few weeks, and I have included a one of them here for your interest:  CBC News
  • The costume should not impede on the ability to wear a mask. A costume mask is no substitute for a face covering, but parents/guardians and staff might consider incorporating a face mask into the costume.
  • Should your child not wish to wear a costume, we are also making it a dress down day where students can show their Halloween spirit (pun intended) and wear something in orange and/or black.
  • In keeping with our school policy of no sharing of food, please do not send students with any loot bags or shareable treats for the class.  

Please email us at or contact the office at 416.393.5310 if you are having any difficulty making your pledge or if you have any questions.