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School History And Tradition
St. Dorothy Catholic School opened its doors for the first time in September, 1969, with a student population of 244.
The school was established to serve the ever-increasing population in the Albion Road/Martingrove Road area of Rexdale, and to relieve the overpopulated neighbouring schools--St. Benedict and St. Andrew. The school is one of seven schools being served by St. Andrew's Parish, including two secondary schools. The school continued to grow and serve the Catholic population in the area, and in 1982, with the support of the Parent Teacher Association, an addition was added to provide for the needs of more than 900 students.
In September 1993, a new school, Holy Child Catholic School, was established to serve students living on the west side of Highway 27, and for a time operated out of St. Dorothy's School building. As a result, St. Dorothy's school enrollment had declined to 465 students, all of whom live east of Highway 27. Holy Child moved to its new facility during the 1995-96 school year.
Our goal has always been to help students feel secure within the school community so that they could focus on their education and develop the necessary leadership and team building skills required to achieve success in our constantly changing environment. Through a series of meetings through our parent, student council and staff we articulated a common mission statement for our school based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits.  This served as a blueprint for the rebuilding of our school learning community.  The school and community have been able to help bring fruition this vision because students have become self-advocates for their education and lives.  The Covey Leadership paradigm has empowered students, staff and parents to become respectful and caring about their community and the environment.  These results are concretely measured through the improvement of EQAO scores over the past few years, the decline in school suspensions and the increase in student participation of extra-curricular activities.  All these school improvements attest to the success of this initiative.   Students have become stakeholders in creating a unique and distinctive school built on the principles of effective leadership.
Through our focus on literacy and numeracy we have a gained a greater insight into student learning and assessment for learning. Students are empowered to be self-reflective practitioners, directing their own learning goals through common development of success criteria and following the principles of co-operative learning. Collaborative professional learning, examining student data and the application of comprehension strategies to problem solving have further deepened the staff’s knowledge of what is required to enable students to be successful and to empower them to attain their full potential regardless of socio-economic circumstances.
Our initiatives have served as the blueprint for rebuilding and transforming our school community into a showcase for successful ongoing academic and leadership development.  We recognize that we are on a transformational path in the training of the future Catholic leaders of tomorrow by cementing in our staff and students the 7 Habits so that they may become better witnesses and servants to the Gospel Virtues of charity, love and forgiveness.
The History of St.Dorothy
St. Dorothy lived in Caesarea in ancient Palestine during the 
fourth century. When the Governor Sapricius came to Caesarea, he
 tried to persuade Dorothy to praise and adore false gods by offering to marry her, but Dorothy refused and replied that Christ was the only one she loved. As a result he tortured her.
Two women who had lost their faith, tried everything they could, to lead her to sin and away from Christ, but instead, Dorothy led them back to Christ! Dorothy endured more torture and was sentenced to be executed. It was in the middle of winter when Dorothy was being led to her death and a lawyer named Theophilus, hired to make false accusations against Christians, called Dorothy names and made fun of her. He dared her to send him apples or roses from the garden of heaven where she was going. 
Dorothy agreed to do so and while praying before her execution, an angel appeared and handed Theophilus a basket containing three roses and three apples. Theophilus was converted; he said yes to Jesus and began to follow Him and in the end, he too, gave up his life for his faith.
We ask St. Dorothy to pray for us that we may have the strength to follow Jesus with the same love and courage as she did. Every morning during our opening exercises we pray the prayer that Jesus taught us as well as our prayer to St. Dorothy.
Blessed St. Dorothy
We come to you today to ask for your guidance in our times of struggle.
Bless us with the courage that helped you stay true to the Lord.
Help us to forgive those who trespass against us so that we may follow the way of Jesus.