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Catholic Leadership


Covey posters.jpgWe are a “CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP” school. As stated in our Mission statement, as a TEAM, we will work to nurture and empower the Catholic leader in all of our students.  Your child will be immersed in a culture where the teaching of Catholicity and specific leadership principles are ubiquitous, occurring every single day in our daily curriculum.   Furthermore, we will provide the opportunity for our parents to learn these same teachings and principles so the good work that is being done here

at the school can be reinforced at home.  Thus, we can truly work as a TEAM to ensure that your child receives the best possible education so that we can nurture and guide them towards achieving their full potential as students at St. Dorothy.  These leadership principles are:

  • Be Proactive: Principles of Personal Choice 2621-large.bmp
  • Begin with the End in Mind: Principles of Personal Vision
  • Put First Things First: Principles of Integrity & Execution
  • Think Win/Win: Principles of Mutual Benefit
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: Principles of Mutual Understanding
  • Synergize: Principles of Creative Cooperation
  • Sharpen the Saw: Principles of Balanced Self-Renewal

(Dr. Stephen Covey, The Leader In Me)
For more information about The Leader in Me please visit: