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Rules of School Bus Safety and Behaviour
Students will be picked up and discharged at designated stops only. The safety of the student is the responsibility of the parent until pick-up and after drop-off at designated stops.
On entering the bus, students will take a seat promptly and remain seated for the duration of the route. Respectful manners and appropriate language and behavior are expected. There is no eating or drinking on the bus.  The driver’s instructions must be obeyed at all times.
A student guilty of misconduct will be reported to the principal. The principal has the authority to revoke transportation privileges when a pupil fails to adhere to the designated rules of conduct.
The bus is considered an extension of the school.  The same rules of respect and responsibility apply.
Not Taking the Bus
Parents are reminded that it is our expectation that children who qualify for transportation will make regular use of the service. Please notify the office in writing if on occasion your child will not be taking the bus home.  All children are expected to go home on the bus unless prior written notification from parents has been received.
Too often children get confusing verbal messages about which days they are going to be picked up by parents. For safety reasons, we require a note since we cannot necessarily verify that a telephone caller is indeed legitimate. We, at school, are stressing bus safety and appropriate behavior, and we ask that you reinforce this for the well being of your children.