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Toronto Catholic District School Board

About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
St. Dunstan is a community in which Gospel values are an integral part of all aspects of school life. The Religion and Family Life programs, which are part of the regular curriculum, provide the basis to ensure that students learn in an environment which stresses spiritual, academic, social and physical development.

Our Board Safe Schools policy is an integral part of school life. Our safe arrival program makes sure that all students are accounted for each day. Parents are contacted if a student is absent. In addition, St. Dunstan's Code of Conduct/Progressive Discipline  assists  students in understanding appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. 

Our School Learning Improvement Plan, which will be in place for three years has a numeracy focus, that is, we are aiming for improvement in mathematical skills and concepts. St.Dunstan Catholic schoolWe are receiving support, through the Ministry of Education and the Board, to assist us in this goal. The dedicated staff attend workshops, in-services and other professional development activities to foster their professional growth, thus enabling them to better meet the needs of the students. Because students have different needs, assistance through Special Education, English as a Second Language/English Language Learning, and  vocal and instrumental music. Where students are experiencing difficulty, their program is adapted so that success can be achieved.

St. Dunstan continues to grow as a technology-based school. All students have access to the school computer lab, and many students have access to Netbooks, which are used in the classroom. In addition, as part of the Kids, Cops 'n Computers program, done in partnership with the Toronto Police Service, selected Grade 7 students receive personal computers and printers to own. Our school is also set up for wireless technology on the main and second floors, which increases access for students and staff. 

As an environmentally aware community, St. Dunstan is currently a silver-level Eco-School. Staff and students work together to enhance environmental awareness.

Extracurricular sports activities  include volleyball, soccer, basketball, cross country and track and field. We also have a yearly martial-arts program called Karate Kids for our Grade 1-5 students.

Other extracurricular activities include ballroom dancing, the Kaleidoscope Arts program through the Scarborough Arts Council, Scientists in School presentations, and excursions from the Science Centre to the Tim Hortons Children's Camp.