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 About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

St. Dunstan is a community in which Gospel values are an integral part of all aspects of school life. The Religion and Family Life programs, which are part of the regular curriculum, provide the basis to ensure that students learn in an environment which stresses spiritual, academic, social and physical development.

Our Board Safe Schools policy is an integral part of school life. Our safe arrival program makes sure that all students are accounted for each day. Parents are contacted if a student is absent. In addition, St. Dunstan's Code of Conduct/Progressive Discipline assists students in understanding appropriate behaviour. 
St.Dunstan Catholic school
Our School Learning Improvement Plan, which will be in place for three years has a numeracy focus. We aim for improvements in mathematical skills and concepts.  Recognizing students have different needs, we also offer support through our Special Education and English as a Second Language programs. When students are experiencing difficulty, their program is adapted so that success can be achieved.

Providing students with diverse experiences is another important part of our community.  We offer many co-curricular activities including a variety of sports teams and clubs. Our staff also seek to give our students unique learning opportunities through class excursions and programs that they try to bring to our school.