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Divisional Cross Country Meet



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Koenig, Sherilyn (St Boniface)

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School Cross Country Running Team 

Congratulations to all of our runners in the meet yesterday. We had a fantastic day. The weather was perfect for running!

Some very special achievements to highlight:

Top 10:

1st - Asa (grade 4 boys)

3rd - Karen (grade 7 girls)

4th - Briani (grade 7 girls)

5th - Jenna (grade 4 girls)

9th - Galila (grade 3 girls)

Top 20 - Dalia-grade 3; Anna-grade 4; Alyssa-grade 6; Alisha-grade 5; Matthew-grade 5; Aaron-grade 4; Mary-grade 3; Ciandra-grade 4; Harold-grade 5;

Top 30 - Jacob-grade 7; Rafaella-grade 3; Karim-grade 4; Zuwena-grade 4; Raymond-grade 6; Shefina-grade 4; Amie-grade 3; Carly-grade 4; Chris-grade 4;

These 23 runners will advance to the Regional Meet on Monday April 23, 2012 at Morningside Park

We wish them all the very best!


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