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About Us
 How We Meet the Diverse Needs​ of Our Students

St.Eugene's school crescentSt. Eugene School community, formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, strives to help individual learners to achieve their highest potential in intellectual, emotional, social, moral, cultural and physical development.  The students are provided with a challenging, safe and enjoyable learning environment in which diversity and achievement are respected and celebrated within a school community rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  
To meet the diverse needs, abilities, and interests of our students, a variety of programs and services are available at St. Eugene: core French classes, vocal music, instrumental music, and both general and intensive special education classes.  Participation in school liturgies complements the religious education program.  Many students in the junior and intermediate grades attend the gifted program.  A variety of extra-curricular activities are offered including school sports teams and W5H.  We share our gifts in many ways including fundraising drives and other activities which support various charitable organizations.
Our staff is strongly committed to providing programs based on Catholic teaching congruent with curriculum expectations and TCDSB initiatives.  The acquisition by students of core skills in numeracy, literacy and the provision of a safe learning environment where respect and compassion for others are important to us here at St. Eugene.
Within each class there is a balance of individual, small group and large group instruction and the teachers strive to program to meet the needs of all students through the model of differentiated instruction.  The Kindergarten to grade 3 classes focus language instruction within a Balanced Literacy--four (4) Blocks approach to instruction.  Junior and Intermediate (grades 4-6, 7-8) classes build upon and enhance the skills taught in the earlier grades.  The virtues of the month are embedded in our daily instruction. 
Click here to view our School Learning and Improvement Plan. 
As a school community, we recognize the need to provide our students with the education and values which will equip them to live successfully and responsibly in a complex and changing world.