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Head Coaches: C. Torchetti (Spec. Ed. Teacher) & M. Notarianni (Gr. 7/8 Teacher)
After weeks of training, 58 eager students made their way to Centennial Park on October 18th to participate in the Divisional Cross Country Meet.  It was a cold day but everyone ran their best and left the park proud of their personal accomplishments.
On October 22nd, 13 of our original participants returned to Centennial Park to represent the school at the Regional Meet.  Once again, we had some amazing finishes and plenty of smiles filled our day.  Of these 13 students, 3 members of our team qualified for the City Meet. They travelled to Earl Bales Park, on October 29th, to compete in the City Finals.
The day was filled with celebration as the girls relished in their accomplishments and cheered each other on as they ran past the crowds on their route and across the finish line.  We would like to thank all the teachers who came out to supervise our lunchtime practices with a special thanks to head coaches: Ms. Torchetti and Ms. Notarianni.
We would also like to thank the many parents and Mrs. Alonzi who came out to support us and cheer us on at each meet.
Cross Country City Finalists.jpg
Three City Finalists:
Danielle (8), Julie Z (5), Kate R (7)
Regional Qualifiers:
Andrew T (3), Michael M (4), Sofia B (4), Nathaniel C (5), Conlan O (5), Michaela P (5), Sydney F (5), Nicholas M (6), Jonathan M (6), Alyssa C (8) 
Divisional Participants:
Emil M (3) Matthew I (3), Aiden G (3), Joseph U (3), Christian H (3) Allyssa SC (3), Anahy G (3), Emma J (3), Mariajose M (3), Natalia S (3), Victoria HG (3), Gabriella P (3), Enya J (3), Marcus O (4), Dean S (4), Alex Q (4), Sean C (4) Marcus V (4), Tomas P (4), Sawyer S (4), Isabella C (4), Christina C (4), Kai M (5), Ryan N (5), Ethan SC (5), Jacob M (5), Aaron CG (5), Jonathan R (5), Makayla A (5), Julia G (5), Lanelle E (5), Joshua Q (6), Lucas H (6), Stefano C (6), Cristian P (6), Ruben P (8), Michael S (8), Bianca B (8), Jessica M (8), Jamielee A (8), Stephanie S (8), Cassandra P (8), Emily M (8), Jamie B (8), Achria T (Grade 8 Student Helper)