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Celebrating Our Catholic Faith

As a community of Catholics deeply rooted in faith, we embark on our 3rd year of a 3-year cycle with the TCDSB to deepen our understanding of the ministries of Faith, Hope, and Charity.  Building on the existing Virtues of the Month initiative and the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, for this year, we will focus on Year Three:  Ministry of Charity as we go forth to know, to love, and to serve God.  The glory of God can be found in the Holy Scriptures and our most reverent Cardinal Thomas Collins reminds us to listen attentively to God’s gentle voice in the midst of our busy lives for too often we can become too wrapped up in ourselves—we need to slow down and listen to the Word of God, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”.  This requires active daily engagement as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Parents, students, staff, and parish team are called to give our very best; our offering to God guided by God’s Word, centered on Charity, and made meaningful in our day-to-day lives through humble service as Witnesses to Christ.    

We take pride in our partnership with home, school and parish; working closely with Father Andrzej Glaba and our parish team as we continue to focus on nurturing our Catholic community, improve student learning and achievement, as well as build capacity to lead and learn.  To enable our children to succeed, each of us has an important role and contribution to make.  Together, I believe that we can combine our talents and skills to promote and enhance student achievement and learning in the context of a safe and Catholic faith-filled school and make St. Eugene Catholic School a great place to be—where our students come first! 


We would like to extend our best wishes to everyone for a healthy and prosperous new year!  We hope that you will enjoy our first video highlighting St. Eugene students on our website.  Thank you to staff, students parents, and Fr. Andrzej for contributing to the success of our first video (Christmas Concert 2013).  A special thank you to Mr. Brani Sulek (St. Eugene parent) who generously donated his time and expertise to create this wonderful video production highlighting the students of St. Eugene Catholic School.