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School History And Tradition

St. Fidelis Catholic SchoolSt. Fidelis Catholic School was established in September 1971, when the temporary Port-o-pacs (portable classrooms) were set up to serve as the school. The permanent building was established in September 1972 and Mr. M. Costello was the first principal. The school enrollment in 1971 was 297. Father Pollo was the first pastor of St. Fidelis Church when it was established in 1982.

st. Fidelis
Our school name, St. Fidelis, was selected by Father Louis of the Capuchin Brothers at the Friary of St. Philip Neri Church. St. Fidelis, whose baptismal name was Mark Rey, was born in Sigmaringen, Germany in 1578. In 1610, he received his doctorate of law. He became known for his honesty and advocacy for the poor and suffering. St. Fidelis gave up his law practice and entered the Capuchin branch of the Franciscans because of his concern for the poor. In 1622 he was beaten to death by a mob because he refused to deny his faith.



St. Fidelis School is located in a community that is indeed unique. Its stability is demonstrated through the commitment of many parents who settled in the same area where they themselves were raised as children.  In June 2012, the St. Fidelis Catholic School Advisory Committee held the annual Community Barbecue and celebrated the school's 40th anniversary.  We look forward to celebrating many, many more years of dignity, excellence and pride!