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Picture2.jpgSt. Fidelis is very proud of their first ever Ultimate Frisbee Team.  Not only are they our first ever Ultimate Frisbee Team, but they are also Inaugural Tournament Champions!  We would like to thank our team of skilled and dedicated athletes as well as their coaches, Mr. Grossi and Ms. Celli.


Since September, our cross country team runners have been training diligently in preparation for the various levels of competition this past October.  St. Fidelis was represented by 97 students, ready to give it their all at the divisional level of competition.  As a result of their efforts, St. Fidelis made it to second place overall and was able to send another 59 students to the Regional level of competition.  Once again, the students put their best foot forward, enjoying a fourth place standing over all the North Region family of schools!  St. Fidelis will, once again, be proudly represented by 17 of our own in the next level of competition--the City Finals!  We would like to thank all of our coaches, staff, and parent and non parent volunteers for their collaborative effort in making this big event possible for so many of our students.  We wish those students heading to the next level of competition the best of luck in the City Finals!