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Big Surprise at St. Fidelis!!
On Friday, May 18th, St. Fidelis School was presented with a very big surprise from the Aeropostale Head office. We are very proud to have ranked 6th overall internationally in a wholehearted effort to collect 5 286 pairs of jeans…however… for being the top school in Canada and the top elementary school in the international “Jeans for Teens” campaign, our school was presented with a $5000 cheque from Aeropostale! An amazing recognition and accomplishment!!!
The campaign, brought forward and carried through by Ms. Genova and Ms. Burrows-Ricci, and fuelled by the energy, enthusiasm and support of the St. Fidelis Me to We Ambassadors, the Student Council and the entire St. Fidelis Community, was a great opportunity to provide jeans to so many families across the province.  We are all very proud and fortunate to have participated in such a great event.  We thank Aeropostale for their very generous recognition for our school.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to help.  A big thank you and congratulations to all the students and members of the St. Fidelis community who participated!  We look forward to next year’s campaign!