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At St. Florence there is a clear emphasis on high levels of achievement in Literacy and Numeracy.   The EQAO detailed school report, CAT-4 testing results and data including formative assessments and observations are examined.  As a result of this examination, the school’s area(s) of greatest need is determined and strategies are used to address the area(s) of need.   The School Learning Improvement Plan (SLIP) is developed in consultation with all divisions and the School Improvement Team (SIT).   Goals are established for the year in the four pillars of Literacy, Numeracy, Pathways and Catholicity, Culture, Community and Caring. 


To help meet the needs of individual students, teachers accommodate and/ or modify the curriculum within the regular class.  In consultation with the Special Education teacher, an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P) is created for some students in order to help them to demonstrate their learning and achieve success.   Ongoing consultation is in place to allow students, teachers and parents to effectively monitor  learning throughout the course of the year.


Students participate in Scientists in School workshops twice a year.  The workshops are designed to be fun, exciting and hands-on so as to inspire elementary students to explore science and technology.    The students participate in investigative science activities that meet specific expectations of the Ontario Science and technology, Kindergarten or Math Curriculum.


St. Florence has the Program to Assist Social Thinking referred to as PAST.  It is a cognitive-behavioural approach that provides intensive support to students with Asperger’s Syndrome.   Students in grade 3-6 with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome are eligible to be nominated for the program.  It runs from October to the end of May.  Students attend the PAST program one full day each week.  The maximum of six students attend each day and bussing is provided.  A teacher and CYW deliver the program.