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About Us

Faith Based School
St. Francis de Sales’ school community demonstrates its faith through its commitment to daily prayers, its focus on the Monthly Virtues, as well as monthly masses held either at St. Jane Frances Church or within the school.  It makes sure to include all members by having each grade responsible for a mass, ensuring that all feel welcome and participate.

Strategies used to ensure a Catholic environment include a loving and caring school environment, a multitude of activities for children, religion and family life programs, a guidance program, special presentations, ongoing communication, monthly student of the month assemblies for primary, junior and intermediate levels, honor roll, principal's awards, environmental certificates, clubs, after-school programs and more. 

St. Francis de Sales SchoolA crossing guard assists students crossing the busy Firgrove Crescent, after-school adult checks are made on the traffic circle and school grounds to ensure students are leaving safely, and a no-violence tolerance policy is in effect both on and off school grounds. A strict discipline policy exists and is communicated in September by newsletter to all parents and students. Certain rules are reinforced at monthly divisional assemblies. Safe Arrival and Safe Dismissal programs are in place at St. Francis de Sales. Parents are contacted if their child is absent unless previous notification has been given. A late policy also exists--late slips are issued where necessary, parents must sign, explain lateness and return them to the school.  


The school’s principal, Mr. Netta,along with the vice-principal, Ms. Silva, believe that relationship building and differentiated instruction are key in having a successful school, where teaching and learning can occur. The school’s secretary, Ms. McLaren, and the school’s custodian, Mr. D'Alessandro, help to take care and maintain the school for its 480 students. The school has Educational Assistants, Child and Youth Workers, as well as Special Education teachers to assist teachers with their classroom, and students with their learning.

Community in the Classroom

The teachers of St. Francis de Sales build community in their classrooms. There is a lot of group work to promote team work and cooperative learning. The rules of the classroom are established through a collaborative effort, and are displayed for all members of the class to see. 

The procedures and routines of the classroom are orally announced to the students. The morning daily routines include attendance, announcements, which include prayers, as well as important events and information, Daily Physical Activity, the singing of O' Canada and homework check.  

School Crest  St. Francis de Sales Logo

The school crest design includes a large red cross in the centre, with an open book to its right, and music notes to its left. Beneath the cross are two intertwined laurel branches, and the quote: “Duc in Altum” at the very bottom. The central cross is meant to remind us that we are centered in faith. The open book symbolizes Academia and Knowledge, whilst the music notes are symbolic of the Arts and Creativity. The laurel branches have been used throughout history to represent Academic excellence and success. The quote: “Duc in Altum” is from the Gospel passage, Luke 5:4-6, that means, “Put out into the deep.”