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Grade 6/7/8


On Monday March 19 through Wednesday March 21, the Grade 7 and 8 students participated in an outdoor education trip to Lake St George, located near Richmond Hill. The students had a great time learning and experiencing new things. As one student put it “We were away from the city and we were immersed in nature.” Some the activities over those three days included: an evening owl prowl, a GSP scavenger hunt, survival skills in the forests (building shelter and fire), working together on team challenges, a game of animal survival called Predator and Prey, and an evening bonfire where they devoured S’mores by the fires. Despite the mud at Lake St George, one student said “I really believe that the laughs and bonding you’ll share with friends make it all worthwhile.” We were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather – it only added to the amazing experiences all the students had!