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Destination Imagination


Destination Imagination is a NON-PROFIT global organization that asks students to work collaboratively to come up with creative solutions to challenges that fit well with our focus on 21st century critical thinking and communication skills and STEAM education. The purpose of these challenges is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders.
This year, a group of students from Ms. Prsa’s Congregated Gifted class advanced to the Global Finals in Tennessee.  The students who advanced to the Global Finals were:  Rogene T, Spencer B, Lucas A, and Kai M. They left for Tennessee on May 21st accompanied by Signora Chaves and returned to Toronto on May 27th.  They had a wonderful time and although they did not place in the top 10 for their competition, they represented St. Francis of Assisi with faith, fidelity and friendship.  They showed great sportsmanship! 


A special Thank You goes out to:  Ms. Prsa for training the students and entering them in the competition; to Signora Chaves for volunteering to accompany the students and chaperone them and to the SFA CSPC for donating $1,500 towards the trip.  A special thank you also goes to Rory McGuckin, Director of Education, John Shanahan, superintendent for our school, and the Student Success superintendent, Gina Iuliano-Marrello for funding the entire excursion so that our students were able to attend.  Without their generous help, this trip would not have been possible. 





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