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Todmorden Mills


group photo


On November 27, 2018, the Grade 7 students experienced a fun, education-filled day at Todmorden Mills. Through topographical maps from 1855 and 2018, students were able to compare the present day landscape with that of the mid-nineteenth century. They learned that the Don River was moved and redirected by humans to accommodate the nearby highways and papermill, thereby impacting many of the local species and their habitats. A guided trail walk provided a wide array of information about native and invasive species of plants and animals such as the Dog-Strangling Vine and the Red-Eared Slider Turtles. Some students even caught a glimpse of cardinals and blue jays, beautiful winter birds. The day concluded with a competitive scavenger hunt on the main grounds at the base of the Don River Oxbow. In a race against time, they looked for clues about the historical facts of life in the valley village. This outdoor education programme was a phenomenal excursion that not only brought Geography and Science to life, but allowed students to fully appreciate the beauty nature has to offer and the responsibility citizens have to preserve it.


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