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Divisional Cross Country


group photo of cross country team


On October 9th, 43 of our students participated in the Divisional Cross Country Meet at the Beaches Boardwalk. What a gorgeous day it turned out to be! We are proud of the fine efforts our athletes out into their runs and the support they gave their fellow teammates.
Eight participants advanced to the Regionals on October 16th. Once again, the day, although quite fresh, was optimal for running. Each successfully completed their run against fiercer competitive runners. They fell nothing short of making St. Francis of Assisi proud.
One participant, Max Levesque, advanced to the City Championship on October 23rd, facing 84 of the best of TCDSB. A fantastic run, Max placed 14th! Superb finish!!!
Thank you to all the coaches for the time they committed in training our athletes and to all the parents who came to cheer them on!
Congratulations to all our participants: Lucas F., Axl G., Adelpha J., Ruben D., Liam D., Joshua D., Vincenzo L., Darin P., Aidan S., Eman Z., Tristin A., Shane B., Brian C., Justin C., Matteo C., David D., Matthew D., Liam G., Max L., Guilherme S., Emanuel G., Luca S., Lindsay D., Audrey J., Isabella S., Christine D., Renee F., Maia R., Juliana A., Madeleine D., Sophia PM, Christian G., Lance D., Jose P., Mia A., Jade S., Abigail C., Madeline C., Elisa D., Victoria F., Luna G., Catarina P., and Anabela P.


student and teahcer

Grils Cross Country team