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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is a growing, vibrant community servicing students in Full Day Kindergarten to grade 8.   

As a Catholic school committed to developing Catholic Graduates, we see education as a process through which students learn every day through the teachings of the life of Jesus Christ. Through daily prayer, the modeling of the Christian way of life and the celbration of the sacraments, we learn the meaning of Faith, Hope and Charity.

We attempt to provide an environment that is safe and welcoming to both students and parents. To this end we have implemented a safe arrival program and a code of behaviour that is based on self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others and our environment.

The individual needs of our students are met in a variety of ways.


·       Early intervention to assist students who require additional support
·       Access to special education program
·       Access to enrichment/gifted programs
·       Access to programs in vocal and instrumental music
·       Opportunities for students to use computers as a tool for learning
·       Participation in Toronto Catholic District School Board inter-school events ie. sports, W5H, public speaking, etc.
·       English as a second language program
·       Regular parent/school information sessions
St. Francis Xavier is proud to have a dynamic teaching staff, energetic, hard working students, wonderful parents, a committed school council and a supportive community. Our students learn in an environment that fosters spiritual, academic, social, artistic, physical and personal growth. As a school community we practice the Virtues of the Month as an integral part of our school's mission. 
Our school is committed to the development of the individual potential of all our students, and above all ensuring that our students develop the basic skills necessary for future success. Every child is an individual and we strive to give all students opportunities to grow, meet new challenges and experience success in all areas of the curriculum.

Literacy and numeracy will continue to be a focus at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. Curriculum is reviewed, developed and implemented within the framework of a Catholic educational philosophy. Teachers and support staff deliver the curriculum using a wide variety of instructional methods in order to reach each learners' needs. We strive to address the needs of New Canadians and students requiring English as a second language (ESL). Staff provides remedial help and special education to children will differing learning needs. We also address students who are gifted, and students with a range of other abilities and talents (music, drama and art). The school is structured so that meaningful integration of the curriculum occurs and our basic objective is excellence and equity for all.
Provincial standards are used to assess and report on student progress while collaboration among teachers, parents , students, and the local community occurs on a regular basis.

Our school is much more than just its academic programs, and at St. Francis Xavier a wide variety of co-curricular programs augment the regular programs and provide many opportunities for pupil growth.

House league athletics, inter-school sports competition, and a number of clubs and enrichment activities provide outlets for youthful energy as well as broadening the scope of learning. At. St. Francis Xavier, we are concerned with the development of the whole child, and often it is through these activities that students are able to develop to their full potential.

Mission Statement

Catholic education views human life as a journey home to God.  Catholic teachers create opportunities for their students to embrace their humanity, nourish their spirituality, and develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and actions that will enable them to fulfill their potential as Christians.