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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal`s Message

The staff, students and parents of St. Francis Xavier have been incredibly welcoming to all of the new staff and students, and I am thrilled and honoured to be part of this community.

Developing the literacy and numeracy skills of our students is the main focus for all staff. However, these critical life skills are not attained in isolation. We believe that we are part of a learning community that provides a safe and secure environment for every child to learn and develop at their own pace. As a learning community, we foster Catholic Values, such as respect and responsibility while striving to improve student achievement. My role, as a Catholic Leader, is to support teachers as they create activities that enhance children's learning.

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Together with the staff, we examine the current results from Provincial testing and classroom assessments to determine the areas of strength and need of all our students. By setting high standards for the students, we strive to align our school learning goals with those of the Toronto Catholic Distric School Board. 

Each day brings new challenges and opportunities for all of us, and together we become better for these experiences. Welcoming and supporting parents to take an active role in their child's learning is a key role of any school administrator. I welcome parent contacts and endeavour to make your child's years at St. Francis Xavier successful. If at any time, you wish to see me to discuss your child, please contact the office to make an appointment or come to the main office.

Yours in Servent Leadership,